Belated Ada Lovelace day post

I'm a day late, but the Ada Lovelace Day project seems like a great idea, so I'd hate to miss out.

My nominee for Ada Lovelace Day is Anne Nicolas, Engineering Director at Mandriva. She doesn't have a blog, unfortunately. Anne's been working at Mandriva (previously at Edge-IT, which was bought by Mandriva) for over five years. She does an excellent job at the notoriously difficult task of managing a bunch of hackers, and her own technical skills are second to none. She was also a fantastic manager to me personally while I was at Mandriva. Thanks Anne! Here's an interview with Anne which was printed in Distrowatch Weekly back in October 2007.


proyvind wrote on 2009-03-29 15:53:
And who will your nominee be for Linda Lovelace day? ;)