What's happening on the Poulsbo front

Well, since this blog has become a bit of a clearing-house for Poulsbo (GMA 500) graphics issues, I thought I'd post a quick update to what I know is happening.

The main thing is this: a few places (including here) have mentioned that Greg Kroah-Hartman has been doing some Poulsbo-related work, including proposing several patches to LKML a few months back (before retreating to re-organize). I mailed Greg to see what's happening, and he's planning to move forward with trying to get a working basic 2D driver over the next month or two. However, there's one important thing to note in this context: Greg isn't doing this in any official capacity. He's not working with or representing Intel on this - he's in the same situation as the rest of us, he has a Poulsbo-based system and he just wants the damn graphics to work. He's doing whatever he can in his spare time. So rock on Greg, and nobody take their frustration out on him, because he's not being paid for it.

So yes, Greg's efforts are separate from whatever Intel's doing. Which is...something. All I've been able to get out of anyone at Intel, or anyone who's talked to anyone at Intel, is that they're working on it. So, well, yeah, Intel's 'working on it', whatever that may turn out to mean. No roadmap, no dates, no exact information on exactly what it is they plan to deliver - just, they're working on it.

Okay, you can get back to twiddling your thumbs impatiently now!


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