iBus Test Day on Thursday

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it Will Woods lovingly caressing his Thinkpad's fingerprint reader for the sixty seventh time today? No, it's - another Test Day!

Yes, this Thursday - May 14th - will be a Test Day for iBus, the new default input method framework for Asian languages for Fedora 11. As always, it'll be held in #fedora-qa on Freenode IRC (see this page if you're not sure how to use IRC). The exact time is quite flexible, we will have developers, QA folks and testers all the way through 'Thursday' for both Asian and American timezones, most likely.

If you type in an Asian language, this is a really big deal for you. If you don't, well...it's not. If you do, though, please do come out to the Test Day! This is one of those things that's crucial for some people and completely impenetrable to others, so we really need as many as possible of those who need it and understand it to come out to the Test Day and make sure it works.

Here's the good stuff: the testing is pretty easy, and there's a live CD, so you don't need to have any version of Fedora installed at all to do the testing. So even if you don't use Fedora, you can help out the development of iBus - and hence all distributions, as they all either use it already or will be in future - by coming out to the Test Day and helping to test this new framework. If you don't, and Fedora 11 (or the new version of your favourite distribution) comes out and you find you can't type Korean any more - you've no-one to blame but yourself! Well, you and whichever idiot left the bug in the code. But mostly you. So come on out!


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