What's goin' on: F12 Test Days

Well, a quick update on Fedora stuff. I've mostly been working on a few things: the Common bugs page for Fedora 11, the triage metric script being written by one of the Bugzappers which is now up and running and producing its first results, and the priority / severity proposal for Bugzappers which is now almost in place. Recently, though, I talked to jlaska about getting the Test Day cycle for Fedora 12 up and running. We'd like to start pencilling in events so we can organize a few things around the schedule. So, if you're a Fedora contributor and you'd like some testing done for something you're working on during the Fedora 12 cycle, please get in touch with me or James or anyone else from QA and we'll see what we can do about getting things in motion. Don't be shy!


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