I just love that I get paid to mess around with fun crap. I've had 'package navit for Fedora' on my todo list for a week or so now, so today I decided to get down to it. It was quite easy to convert my Mandriva package to a Fedora one, but then I had an itching to make sure it really worked for myself (before I just had someone else test it). But to really test it, I needed a GPS input.

Well, my phone has GPS. Surely it's possible to turn a Windows Mobile phone with GPS into an external GPS receiver for a Linux computer, I thought. (Why yes, I am a natural optimist). Proving that there really isn't anything you could try to do with a computer that no-one else has tried before, indeed it is, and someone has been there before - thanks a lot to the author of that blog. I threw the system he outlined there together, and with a bit of trial and error, confirmed it was working - xgps shows my location. So I downloaded the latest openstreetmap snapshot for Canada, added it to my navit configuration, fired up navit,'s the result!

Navit showing my location

There's Navit, showing you where I live. Excellent. I just love that I get paid to do this stuff. :)

Navit package for Fedora should go into review soon!


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