Meaningless statistical joy

Well, it's hard to kick the habit of a lifetime, and I still watch the happily meaningless charts on the Distrowatch front page.

Fedora has just gone past Mint into third place. As I recall, that's the first time in really rather a long time it's been up there.

Mandriva's in sixth, now, which is around where it's been (6th or 7th) for a while.

I've been keeping busy working on our Grand Plans for the Fedora 12 cycle, and also working on congruity and navit. I'm now chasing up a bug with navit/freetype which is preventing recent builds of Navit from SVN from working on Fedora 11. It's not yet entirely clear if it's freetype or GCC at fault. Read all about it here if you're morbidly curious, or happen to be a code / compiler / optimization / valgrind whiz and feel a strange urge to help.

I shall be in England for three weeks or so from this Sunday. Probably won't be much difference observed, but I just thought I'd note the fact.

I'm planning to throw a Rawhide survey up on the forums soon, as part of our ongoing 'get more people running Rawhide' plan. Other plans in this area are afoot. Oh, yes, we have plans a-plenty. Muahahah!


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