All go

So, it's been pretty busy around here lately. I was constantly a bit behind all of last week, having made a great start by killing my phone on Sunday and my keyboard on Monday. This weekend I managed to clean the entire house, write the FWN QA beat twice (lost the 95% complete draft the first time), do some quick work on a few bugs, finally get kernel 2.6.31 - and hence nouveau - running on my main system, with the help of Orcan (in fixing my wireless driver, rt2860sta, to work with 2.6.31), and finally set up backup of my mail from my mail server virtual machine to the RAID array in my home theatre PC. Which has now helpfully alerted me that one of the three drives in it has crapped out for the second time in three weeks, so I'm really going to have to replace it this time. To make things worse, it's the replacement drive I bought just a few months back, after one of the ORIGINAL drives in the array went kaput. Le sigh. So now I'll have to buy a new one because it'd be too risky to wait until the warranty replacement arrives, and then I'll wind up with yet another useless spare disk lying around the place once the warranty replacement arrives. Perhaps I'll just throw it in as a spare in the array, then at least I won't have the same damn problem again in future.

Oh, yeah, and I somehow managed to play golf, have a somewhat alcohol-aided Rock Band 2 night at a friend's house, and spend Sunday at the Pride parade and then crawling around various bars and bar-like environments on Davie. I think I need a weekend from my weekend...


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