Test Day updates

Time for a quick Test Day update!

Today - right this very minute - is the Fit and Finish group's printing Test Day. If you have a few minutes to spare, hit up that Wiki page, do some testing, report your results and join #fedora-fit-and-finish on IRC to discuss the situation. Fit and Finish is a great initiative, so please do join in.

Thursday - August 20th - is the next main track Test Day, on ABRT, the Automatic Bug Reporting Tool. This is an important component of Fedora 11 and 12 which pops up an offer to file a bug report when an application crashes. Its scope has been extended for Fedora 12, so please come along to the Test Day - in #fedora-qa - to help make sure it's ready for the release. As always, live CDs will be available to help make testing easier.


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