Rawhide: daily live spins are now available!

There's been an exciting development recently in Fedora QA land: thanks to the superhero Kevin Fenzi and friends, we're now doing an automated Rawhide build of each official live Fedora spin every night, and publishing them here. Yep - nightly Rawhide live CDs! (Or DVDs, when the generated images are too big for a CD. Which happens.) If you need to quickly test something in Rawhide but you're not in a safe position to install it - just grab the last nightly live CD and boot it up. Of course, Rawhide being what it is, sometimes the compose will fail and there won't be an image built that day, and occasionally the image might just not work at all, but it's still a great improvement. Hopefully this will greatly lower the bar for people getting involved with testing Rawhide.


jspaleta wrote on 2009-08-25 00:09:
Nice.nightly rawhide on a stick. I might actually be able to do some useful with that.