Anaconda RAID Test Day tomorrow

It's Test Day time again - tomorrow (2009-10-08)!

Last week we tested most Anaconda storage scenarios, but this week we're focussing in on RAID. All kinds of RAID - soft RAID, hard RAID, BIOS RAID, mdraid, dmraid. If it's RAID-y, we're there. If you have the necessary hardware, please come out to the test day and help us make sure that Fedora 12's installer handles all kinds of RAID scenarios properly. Especially if you use a RAID configuration in production - the more complex the better! - we'd like to make sure such scenarios work properly. As usual, live images will be available, but of course the main focus of testing here is the installer, so we do need testers to have a spare system, drive(s) or virtual machine to install on for most tests. Various test cases are documented on the Wiki page, but simply testing F12 installation on any RAID configuration will be valuable testing.

As always, the Test Day takes place all day in #fedora-test-day on Freenode IRC. Be there!


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