This week's Mandelson Award goes to...

...Canonical, for their fine effort in announcing the end of free availability of Ubuntu discs in a blog post entitled Keeping Ubuntu CDs available. Well played, madam, well played indeed. As a former part-time PR drone, I salute you.


graeme wrote on 2009-10-23 05:33:
Adam, they are only sending 1 CD per person, and only sending more on a case by case basis. This seems overdue to me. I have known people to order a hundred CDs and then abandon them because they found they had to pay customs duty (a small amount per CD, but for a big batch it added up). They also currently appear to be only accepting pre-orders for Karmic, and not for the current version. They are spinning it a bit, but your misinterpretation is much further from the truth.
ofaurax wrote on 2009-10-26 15:23:
What is a "Mandelson Award" ? note: openid doesn't work
Colonel de Guerlass wrote on 2009-11-20 16:17:
What does happen the other weeks? But you seem to be very hateful with Ubulinux, and this jealousy was thoroughly, insightfully analyzed in DistroQuatsch ( A great technological achievement is going to happen in UBUlinux shipping making Sheep Eat obsolete. If you look at the sky on clear nights, you shall see : * white lights : they are stars, and , if they are fast moving, meteor showers (cf * fast moving BROWN lights!!!! These are install CDs, from the Kosmic Karamella release, with brown LEDs for people to localize and pick them up. They are thrown from a SATELLITE.... Caveats : this is a prealpha technology, but be sure that , with the Zsenile Zebra (Zèbre zozotant) release, the whole sky will be brown.... Hourrah, cornes au cul, vive le père Ubu (Jarry, 1898, la Chanson du Décervelage)