Video acceleration repository updates

Yesterday and Tuesday I pushed several updates to my experimental video acceleration repositories. Most obviously, there's now an F11, an F12 and a Rawhide (F13) repo, all in the logical places. I also updated all components; libva is up to sds7, vdpau-video is up to 0.5.2. mplayer-accelerated is up to 20091106 and mplayer-mt is up to svn rev 29934 (basically, the latest mplayer and ffmpeg-mt checkouts as of yesterday).

Note that Splitted Desktop Systems have made xvba-video - the equivalent to vdpau-video for the ATI proprietary driver, it's a bridge from ATI's 'xvba' video acceleration system to VAAPI so you can use any VAAPI-compliant player with ATI cards - available. Unfortunately, it's proprietary. I'm not sure whether I want to package it, due to that. I probably will at some point, but...ick. Anyway, the fact that it's proprietary makes it very trivial to install, basically you'd just grab the latest tarball for your arch from here and extract the single file it contains to the appropriate place on your system. Then make sure you have libva and mplayer-accelerated installed and try it.

I'll try and find some time to work on the RPM Fusion mplayer package soon. Basically I'd like to update it to a newer snapshot and enable VDPAU support.


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