Ikea light bulbs: rubbish

This is by way of being a general public service announcement. Don't buy Ikea energy saving light bulbs. They're crap.

I bought a job lot of the things from Ikea last year. Let me see - nine of 'em in total. These would be the awesome bulbs that last for ten years, remember. Out of those nine, five have now failed entirely.

They're also not terribly bright and take ages to warm up. When the Ikea ones started failing I bought some Philips ones from London Drugs instead. They're brighter, whiter, warm up faster, and not a one of them has failed yet.

So, yeah, screw Ikea, go Philips. PSA ends!


brej.org wrote on 2009-11-23 23:51:
I have been obsessively trying all energy efficient light bulbs I find for over ten years. It is amazing how much better they have become and I agree the Philips ones are the best for colour and warm-up time. The 120W equivalent ones (I think 22W real) are brilliant during the winter months.
Colonel de Guerlass wrote on 2009-11-28 15:56:
There is something which annoys me with energy saving bulbs. They are meant to Save the Planet (fy fighting, even in Winter, against Global Warming), but, even if they are|were reliable, they are not likely to make it more intelligent, as they are full of mercury (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minamata_disease). In the EEC, they are compulsory, but one can be sued for poisoning if one gets rid of them (if they prematurely fail....). Përhaps, if one wanted to really Save THE Planet, one should use biotechnologies based on specially trained fireflies (one can even eat them, if they die and if one is starving...)