Preupgrade Test Day this Thursday

It's that time again - the Fedora 14 Test Day cycle is ramping up, and this Thursday is one of the bigger events, the preupgrade Test Day. Preupgrade is one of the recommended methods for upgrading Fedora between releases, so it's very important that we make sure it works as well as possible for each new release. As always, the Test Day runs all Thursday (2010-09-02) in #fedora-test-day on Freenode IRC - see this page if you're not sure how to use IRC. Please come along and help to make sure upgrading to Fedora 14 via preupgrade will be a smooth experience for as many people as possible - the more different configurations we can test, the better! You will need an installed system you don't mind upgrading to Fedora 14 (and potentially breaking) to test with, but testing in a virtual machine is of course fine, so you don't need to break your real working configuration. Full testing instructions are provided on the Test Day page.


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