Things That Make Adam Want To Stab Himself In The Face, pt. 1

eGroupware synchronization. It has this trick of getting so frustratingly close to working. Using syncevolution with my n900, I can get to the point that the sync operation from the phone happily reports success and shows 89 contacts transferred to the server...where they apparently wind up in /dev/null, because when I log in to the web front end with the same user, those 89 contacts sure don't show up in the contacts view. Where did they go? Nooooobody knows...


kitgerrits wrote on 2010-11-25 12:10:
Use the Source, Luke. Ans I'll see you in 6 years when you've figured it out =)
shikamaru wrote on 2010-11-25 22:57:
hi Adam, I know nothing about this egroupware stuff but what I can say is that syncing my n900 gave me lots of headaches too ! I only managed to do it with syncml-ds-tool over usb, no way to sync it over bluetooth with syncml-ds-tool or syncevolution though I can send files to the phone via bluetooth so not a pairing issue...
adamw wrote on 2010-11-25 23:09:
I don't bother with cable/bt sync any more, it's pointless when there's 'cloud' (i.e. TCP client/server) syncing systems. As I've written before I use Google but would dearly like to get off it and use my own server so Google doesn't have my contact and calendar data.
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