Happy new mplayer-accelerated!

To celebrate the new year (and because someone poked me about it on IRC), I updated my video-experimental repo. F12 is out, F14 and Rawhide are in, and there are updated versions of mplayer-accelerated and gstreamer-vaapi (which still doesn't work for me, for the record). There's a newer vdpau-video available upstream, but it doesn't build; I've asked Gwenole for help with that, and will upload it if I can get a fix.

For anyone who doesn't know, the repo contains hardware video acceleration related stuff; it used to contain a build of libva, the VA-API video playback acceleration framework, but that's now in RPM Fusion. It now contains only a build of mplayer with libva support added, called mplayer-accelerated, and gstreamer-vaapi, which should add libva support to gstreamer (but, as I mentioned, currently doesn't work for me; YMMV). vdpau-video wraps the VDPAU support of the NVIDIA proprietary driver, letting you use libva-supporting apps with that driver. Since I can't get the current version to build, as mentioned, it's only available for F13. Also only in the F13 repo at present is mplayer-mt, a build of mplayer with support for multithreaded playback; I suspect this isn't of much interest to anyone these days so I haven't bothered to build it for F14 or Rawhide yet. Yell if this is something that'd be really useful to you.


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