Compiz 0.9 for Rawhide (Fedora 15): test repo up

This morning I thought I'd start on building Compiz 0.9 for Rawhide (Fedora 15) as a nice little weekend project to spend an hour or two on. Sixteen hours later...I've kind of finished.

Want to try Compiz 0.9 (actually, a bit past, and using the glib-mainloop branch of compiz itself, which is needed for Unity and will be merged into master at some point soonish) on Fedora Rawhide (15)? Stick this repo config file in /etc/yum.repos.d/ , install (or update) compiz-gnome , and run 'compiz-gtk --replace' , and Bob ought to be your uncle. It should work from desktop-effects too but there seems to be some kind of bug - you run desktop-effects, click on Compiz, it starts up perfectly happily, then desktop-effects claims it didn't actually start up so it's going to revert to the previous configuration, and promptly muffs everything up. It also seems to be using some fallback Metacity theme, not quite sure why. Aside from that, it seems to work pretty well for me. There's a ccsm package you can install and run to configure compiz (and changes you make in ccsm should actually apply and save...unlike how it's been in Fedora's compiz for ages).

We (myself and Adel, the main compiz maintainer) would quite like to put this into Rawhide itself if it turns out to work well enough and stably enough, so do let me know how you get on, via email or in the comments. The packages are signed with my GPG key - key ID C1365CF0. Good luck! And of course, if it breaks, you get to keep both pieces.

I could build this for F14 quite easily, I just haven't bothered yet. I might get around to that tomorrow. Or not.


mcepl wrote on 2011-01-16 08:28:
Why PPA? We don't need stinking PPA! The point of Fedora (and especially Rawhide) to me is that this is shared PPA, where we all work, dream, test together. Sure, you should test yourselves on your own flesh and blood whether your package works first before publishing it. But it doesn't justify creating of your own PPA. If you think, it should go to Fedora eventually (and this is just an upgrade to the latest upstream, right?), then I don't see any reason why you should shun from the Fedora community and Fedora repos. If you don't believe it belongs to Fedora (and it isn't fit for because it is some kind of experiment and you are not sure you want to go this way eventually, it might be the reason for PPA, but upgrade of the ordinary package should either go to Rawhide proper or not to be distributed at all (aside from link for the proper packager to help him create real package). What do you think? Matěj
adamw wrote on 2011-01-16 11:14:
er, there's no need to go off on one. I just wanted to get some baseline testing of it before I put it in Rawhide, because it's a major change and I'm not the compiz package maintainer and it's possible I completely nerfed something up, as I'm not a regular compiz user and I know that people who *do* use it have some pretty advanced use cases. Please don't get so angry... Quoting from : "These repos should only be used for packages that are intended for end-user non-transient use. For example: * Testing out new software before putting it in rawhide"
TK009 wrote on 2011-01-16 17:39:
I ran unity on my netbook for a week and like a number of things about it. Looking forward to seeing it in Fedora. I don't think mcepl was angry, it is just his way of saying happy new year =P.
valentt wrote on 2011-01-27 12:34:
Hi, first please configure wordpress not to require account for comments. Simple captcha + akismet is more than enough. Do you know how can I make compiz start for all users via gconf? I'm making Fedora Remix and I need to enable it somehow. Doing it via gconf key, /apps/gdm/simple-greeter/wm_use_compiz=true doesn't work :( So I'm thinking of just starting fusion-icon for all users. Do you have some experience regarding this topic? Cheers, Valent.
adamw wrote on 2011-01-27 17:08:
"Hi, first please configure wordpress not to require account for comments. Simple captcha + akismet is more than enough." Actually, it's not even close :/ "Do you know how can I make compiz start for all users via gconf? I’m making Fedora Remix and I need to enable it somehow." It depends on what desktop you want to use. Is this F14 or F15? GNOME 2? GNOME 3? Some other desktop?
valentt wrote on 2011-01-27 12:40:
Just for reference, we would like to enable Compiz out of the box on Fusion Linux Fedora Remix. Valent, Fusion Linux project leader.