Test Days: GNOME last week, Preupgrade tomorrow!

Last Thursday was the second GNOME 3 Test Day, and despite a rather smaller turnout than the first event, it went off very well, with a good pile of bugs being exposed. Vitezslav Humpa, who along with Radek Lat helped to organize this event, posted a recap to the mailing list with a good overview of all the reported bugs.

Tomorrow is Preupgrade Test Day. As preupgrade is one of the recommended methods for upgrading Fedora, testing it ahead of release is a key task, and the more different configurations we test, the better. Due to some changes in how anaconda works in Fedora 15, preupgrade also needed some significant changes, so it needs the testing more than ever. You can test with a virtual machine or a real one, but you'll need an installed copy of Fedora 14 you don't mind losing, as this is an upgrade test! Please check out the wiki page for full instructions, and join the IRC channel - #fedora-test-day on Freenode IRC tomorrow to join in and chat directly with the QA team and preupgrade developers. If you don't know how to use IRC, no problem - you can use WebIRC. If you click that link it will open the IRC channel (which is like a chat room) in a web page in any good browser. Please do come along if you have the time and disk space to help test!


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