Abrt Test Day on Thursday, and Beta validation starting

A couple more announcements!

This Thursday, 2011-03-31, will be ABRT Test Day. As well as checking that ABRT (Fedora's automated crash report tool) is working as expected for Fedora 15, we'll be testing out a big new feature, the retrace server. This allows you to submit crash reports to a remote server which will generate the backtrace - avoiding the need for you to download and install often large debuginfo packages in order to submit reports. Please come along and help us test this exciting new feature! As always, we'll be in #fedora-test-day on Freenode IRC all day long. If you don’t know how to use IRC, no problem – you can use WebIRC. If you click that link it will open the IRC channel (which is like a chat room) in a web page in any good browser. The testing is easy and you can do a lot of it from a live image. There'll be QA and abrt team members in IRC all day to help out with testing.

Also, today we get the ball rolling on Fedora 15 Beta validation, with the arrival of Beta TC1 (traditional installer images only up so far, live images coming soon). If you have time, please grab the TC1 images and help out with the installation and desktop validation testing. Thanks!


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