Whoosh: and Virtualization Test Day, and impending Fedora 15 Beta

So I looked up at the clock today and discovered it was 3pm and I'd spent the last five hours in TV Tropes. That site is crack, I tells ya. The link to the impossible quiz didn't help either. Last time I got stuck in Tropeland it cost me a day plus the time it took to read the entire Order Of The Stick archives. "My last breath...is also my mintiest..."

(Notice how I have helpfully hyperlinked those for you. SHARE MY PAIN!)

It's just two days till Virtualization Test Day, where our awesome virtualization team, starring Justin Forbes, will be our guides as we test the various virtualization features of Fedora 15, including shiny SPICE support in virt-manager. Virtualization is a key component of any distribution nowadays, and the virtualization team always put on a smoothly run event, so please come along and help us test!

You can also look forward to the Fedora 15 Beta landing, almost certainly, next Tuesday, 2011-04-19. We have the Go/No-Go meeting tomorrow, but it's looking good at the moment. Thanks to the freezes desired by those freedom-hating bastards in QA, though, it doesn't technically include the Made Of Easy GNOME 3 - mostly it has the final beta, with a few packages updated to final release state. But if you install the Beta and do an update, you'll have all the official release bits of GNOME 3, plus a few post-release fixes (already). Shiny, shiny GNOME 3. F15 is shaping up to be a really exciting release, and I'm really happy with how stable we've managed to keep it so far despite the huge changes that are landing - many thanks to the Anaconda team, the desktop team, and Lennart Poettering for their help and consideration with the release processes.


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