Fedora 15 Beta is out!

Yes, we had a smooth F15 Beta release today and you can get Fedora 15 Beta now. Remember to read up on the Common Bugs!

I think (he pontificated modestly) we did a pretty good job on this one: the Beta is pretty solid for a Beta and does a nice job of showcasing the awesome GNOME 3 (and no that ain't (just) the party line, I find myself with a really itchy trigger finger to update my F14 laptop to F15, and sad that I can't do it because then I'd have nowhere to test F14 updates). Technically the Beta isn't quite GNOME 3.0 - due to the freeze, most of the final 3.0 release packages didn't make it into the Beta, and it's really somewhere between the last GNOME 3.0 Beta and GNOME 3.0 Final. But what's in there still works pretty nicely, and to get the real true GNOME 3.0 release, you can just install the Beta and do an update.

And remember, it's the final GNOME 3.0 Test Day on Thursday! I have now uploaded the live images for the event, barring any last-minute changes requested by the desktop team, and those really do have the full final GNOME 3.0 on them (plus some post-3.0 updates and fixes, and a new kernel build with some Nouveau fixes). They're also rather less quirky than the ones for the last Test Day, and also they're on time. Way to not suck, me! If you're busy on Thursday, you can go ahead and get the images and run the tests and file your results already. I'll be checking in on the IRC channel from time to time tomorrow, and then on Thursday there should be a bunch of QA and Desktop team members around all day to help out with testing. Be there or be...somewhere else! But somewhere else is definitely less cool. Unless, you know, you're at a playoff game or something. That'd be way cooler. Priorities!