N900 successor announced Tuesday?

Just a heads-up for anyone desperately clinging on to their N900 but looking at all these whizzy dual-core, super screened new Android phones coming out lately with envy...there's a reasonably solid rumor that Nokia is finally going to announce the 'N950' (or whatever the N900-successor-and-sole-Nokia-Meego-phone turns out to be called) on Tuesday. Then at least we'd have some solid ground from which to decide whether to wait for it or just throw in the towel and let Google borg us...

(inside tips from Nokians welcome, c'mon, we're dying out here.)


BenCotton wrote on 2011-06-19 23:53:
When I found out about the N900, that was the first (and to date only) time I ever got excited about a phone. I pre-ordered it and have been fairly happy with the hardware and Maemo. With Nokia's recent history, I find their coming Meego device to be a setup for disappointment.
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