Excitement time again

Yup, it's that time again: I updated my system to Rawhide today. F15's just too boring and stable!

When I first tried to do the upgrade there were significant dependency issues with totem-pl-parser and gjs, so I fixed those up - they both turned out to be simply changes and rebuilds that had been done on the Fedora 15 branch but not in Rawhide, so they were easy to fix. After that the upgrade went pretty flawlessly, but the upgraded system was pretty busted: gdm didn't work, and if I bypassed it, neither did GNOME. And there seemed to be some odd bug causing the whole system to fall over.

A morning's poking later and I've mostly fixed things up. GDM is broken, but LXDM works for now. I found that GNOME fallback mode worked, but gnome-settings-daemon wasn't running. I managed to fix Shell by rebuilding it with the latest fixes from the Fedora 15 branch, same as gjs. I figured out the gnome-settings-daemon problem was down to bad SELinux labels on files in ~/.local/share/icc - use restorecon to fix them if you have the same problem. And I figured out the mysterious whole-system-crashy problem, or at least figured out exactly what the problem is, though I can't fix it: trying to mount the CIFS share from my NAS box immediately makes the system fall over. So if I can just get that one fixed, Rawhide will be in decent shape for me.


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