Fedora 16 Alpha RC2 in testing now!

The second release candidate for Fedora 16 Alpha is now out for validation testing. See this email for more details. We have to make a call on whether to ship the Alpha on Wednesday, so we don't have much time to get through the whole set of validation tests - if people could help out with running through these tests, it'd really be great. Just downloading the images and making sure they work for you is awesome, of course, but we need a full set of validation results before the release can go ahead.

There's three sets of validation tests: installation, base, and desktop. We aim to do all the validation tests for each candidate, but we need to get through the ones marked as Alpha. You can chip in just by doing one or two of the tests, many of them are very simple and often are things you're pretty much testing just by doing an install and running it. There's full instructions on the pages (I hope!)


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