just one 'daily log' post, then

just one 'daily log' post, to satisfy the meme and provide a flavour - I'd never be able to keep this up every day:

  • chair the QA meeting
  • news+email catch up
  • check in with jlaska and benl at red hat regarding qa team responsibilities
  • mail sriram ramkrishna some stats on F15 GNOME 3 test days
  • mail ajax to check on the status of his 'making X drivers non-critpath' project
  • mail bskeggs regarding out-of-date-ness of nouveau
  • give tao wu a heads-up that f16 beta rats compose may become tc1
  • quick mail to michael meeks regarding oracle vs. google
  • create f16 common bugs page
  • mail test@ list to ask for contributions to f16 common bugs page
  • spam devel@ list with my awesome opinions
  • mail abrt team to ask about abrt apparently not catching test crashes
  • file gnome bug on changes to tree view padding in 3.1.5
  • file gnome bug on problem with pausing/resuming in rhythmbox
  • build latest rhythmbox for f16; involves bumping libdmapsharing to latest upstream, so do that too
  • file gnome bug on rhythmbox master crashing when scanning library
  • test proposed workaround for kernel bug - 2.6.39 and later kernels cause my laptop (and others) to DoS dd-wrt routers
  • file bug on big drop in performance using kernel 3.1-rc2 on my desktop
  • discuss above bug with jwb and bskeggs, confirm 3.1-rc3 somewhat improves matters, update bug
  • further testing on f16-alpha-kde-crashing-X-in-VM bug, provide X log
  • re-schedule X test week to clear space for i18n/l10n test week to drop back, and so it won't happen while ajax is on vacation
  • respond to eclipse test day proposal
  • check in with tflink and mkrizek
  • dial in to fedora program meeting (rh meeting to monitor any fedora issues of relevance to rhel)
  • do f16 fedora-easy-karma run

still planning to add some content to the f16 common bugs page, as alpha drops tomorrow.

no, not all my days are this busy. =)


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