Fedora 16 localization / internationalization test week starts tomorrow!

Tomorrow - Tuesday 2011-08-30 - holds the first event of Fedora 16 localization / internationalization (l10n / i18n) Test Week: desktop localization Test Day. This event will mostly be focused on checking that translations are present, working and correct for key Fedora components like the system configuration tools. Please, if you speak any language other than English, come along and help ensure that things are in shape for the Fedora 16 release. It's very easy to test - just grab a live image, boot it up, run one of the commands listed, and check the result! There will be Fedora QA and translation team members around to help you test and report your results. Find all the instructions on the Wiki page and come join us in #fedora-test-day on Freenode IRC - use WebIRC if you're not an IRC regular.

Coming up on Wednesday 2011-08-31 is the installer i18n / l10n Test Day, focusing specifically on the Fedora installer, and then on Thursday 2011-09-01 is the desktop i18n Test day, focusing on internationalization issues like keyboard layouts, input methods and language-specific fonts. Come help out all week and make sure Fedora 16 rocks no matter what language you speak!


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