Printing Test Day this Thursday (oh, and some Beta thing came out today)

So we had this little Beta release today, you may have heard about it. Go grab the Beta, have fun - but be warned, it's a fairly Beta-y beta. It's fine for a Beta, but it's not like some other recent Betas which have been near production quality. Do read the common bugs page, and stay tuned to this blog or the Planet or the test list or the forums to keep an eye on future developments. Forewarned is forearmed!

Aside from that, Thursday - 2011-10-06 - is Test Day time again, and since the Beta is done, I've actually got around to letting you know about it a bit in advance this time. Specifically, it's Printing Test Day, which will as always be efficiently and effectively run by the printing team (aka Tim Waugh). As always, if you have Fedora and you have a printer, you qualify for great discounts - wait, sorry, you qualify to come along and work for us for free, isn't that just as good?

Grab your printer, grab a Fedora 16 live image (there's one on the Test Day page), run through the tests listed on the page, and add your results - what could be easier? You don't need a permanent installation of Fedora or a Fedora account. If you'd like to chat with Tim and the rest of the crew during the event, just join #fedora-test-day on Freenode IRC - you can use WebIRC if you're not familiar with IRC. Please come along and help us ensure Fedora 16's printing support is better than ever!


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