Test Day time again: Eclipse Fedora packager stuff

It's Test Day time again tomorrow (2011-10-13)! This week's Test Day is a bit of a special interest one: it's mostly going to be interesting to Fedora packagers. We'll be testing the Fedora Packager for Eclipse plugin, an extensive plugin for the Eclipse IDE which turns Eclipse into an ideal environment for maintaining Fedora packages: it integrates with the Fedora git repos and the fedpkg tool to make it super-easy to branch, modify, and test build Fedora packages. So if you're a Fedora packager or you're learning about packaging, this could be a great event for you. If you haven't tried this Eclipse method before it's great fun to give it a shot - even if you don't wind up sticking with it you'll probably have a good time, maybe learn some tricks, and help test the environment for those who do use it full time.

As always the event will be happening on Freenode IRC in the #fedora-test-day channel, and you can use WebIRC if you're not a regular IRC user. All the testing instructions are on the Test Day page. Please come along and help the team test and improve this great plugin!


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