Google Maps on N9 and N900: help, please, Google

So for months I've used to get a mostly-usable Google Maps interface for my N900. This seems to have been the standard way to do it for N9 users as well. (Ovi Maps is useless: its public transit routing is awful and it just doesn't have the 'interesting places' database that Google Maps has, it doesn't really know where, well, anything is).

However, in the last few days, Google seems to have killed this service. Instead of giving me a pretty nice 'mobile' version of Google Maps, visiting the URL on my N900 instead just gives me the full desktop Maps page, which is very slow to load and use on an N900, and much more of a pain to navigate with all the space that's basically 'wasted' on a small cellphone screen.

Google, can you please restore the old behaviour here, and give N9 and N900 users our workable Google Maps back?

Comments wrote on 2011-11-18 11:50:
I had really great experience with Openstreetmap. Monav, Marble, and Modrana were quite useful. Of course, it depends on your location, but their coverage of the Czech republic was excellent (and you can squash possible bugs!).
adamw wrote on 2011-12-06 01:49:
matej: OSM is useless to me as it doesn't do transit routing, which is my main use for maps. Also, anything other than Google Maps is almost guaranteed to have a way smaller database of actual places - business names and so on. Nokia Maps kinda does transit routing (though not as well as Google Maps) but has the same issue with not knowing enough about where places are. It can't even find Canadian postcodes.