Sugar Test Day tomorrow!

It's Test Day time again, everyone: tomorrow, 2012-03-22, is Sugar Test Day. Sugar is the learning-focused desktop environment originally written for the OLPC XO machines.

This Test Day is a collaboration between the Sugar and Fedora communities, so we'll be looking for a double-size turn out! The goal will be to test that the Sugar environment is fully functional on the Fedora 17 base, and identify any bugs in the environment or any of the Sugar 'activities' packaged for Fedora so they can be resolved before the final release.

It's very easy to test - Sugar is designed to be deployed as a live image, and runs well in virtualized environments. So you can test on any system or virtual machine without disturbing your regular environment. There are instructions for downloading and booting a Sugar live image on the Test Day page, as well as full instructions for testing and reporting your results.

There will be Fedora QA and Sugar team members available on Freenode IRC #fedora-test-day all day long to help you out with testing and chat about Sugar, so please come by! If you're not sure how to use IRC, see this page for information, or you can just drop by using WebIRC - just click that link and you'll be in the chat.

Please come along tomorrow and help us make sure Fedora and Sugar continue to work well together!


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