Random plug: read The Verge

Oh, hello. Long time no blog. But I wanted to throw one slightly random note out there: you should probably be reading The Verge if you aren't already.

It's more or less a gadget-y tech news site in the style of Engadget; it was founded by a bunch of ex-Engadgeters who didn't appreciate AOL's plans for the site. I switched over to reading it instead of Engadget a few weeks back. Since then I've been impressed by quite a few things, but mainly simply by the quality of the journalism. They broadly seem to get things correct. They care about sourcing and accuracy in quotation and boring, 'serious journalism' stuff like that. They correct mistakes conscientiously and transparently. And they seem to be making a concerted effort to try and push lengthy pieces of analysis, investigative journalism or just straight up interesting writing. They run a regular round-up of the 'best technology writing of the week', which is a great idea.

I'm very happy to see some distinctly non-barrel-scraping writing around the place and I really hope they succeed with this direction, which is a pretty brave one. If it sounds like the kind of thing you'd like, check it out.

(No, I'm not getting compensated in any way shape or form for doing this, just for the record. This site doesn't carry ads or do any form of compensated endorsement of anything.)


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