Active Directory integration Test Day Thursday (2012-10-18)!

It's Test Day time again, folks. This Thursday, 2012-10-18, is Active Directory integration Test Day. This Test Day is focusing on the Active Directory integration feature, which combines several improvements that together aim to ensure that Fedora can act as a member of an Active Domain out of the box.

This is one of those Test Days where you're either interested or you're not, and if you are, you know it :) Some of you might be very interested in having Fedora systems act as AD members, some of you might not care at all. If you're in the former group, it's in your interest to come along and take part in the Test Day - we need this kind of real-world testing to ensure Fedora 18 and future releases can work well in an AD setup.

As always, the event will be in the #fedora-test-day channel on Freenode IRC; this will likely be a chat-heavy event where you'll be able to chat with the developers about your configuration, so please do join IRC for this one. The main developer on this feature is Stef Walter, who'll be in IRC as stefw. All the basic test instructions are on the wiki page.

So if this is an area that interests you, please try and find a bit of time to drop by for the Test Day, it'll help us to help you! Thanks.


Andreas Schneider wrote on 2012-10-17 08:27:
Hello, I'm currently the Samba maintainer and will be in the channel as 'gladiac' during worktime. My timezone is CEST. Please highlight me if you have any questions or need help!