Come work for us: Red Hat is looking for a(nother) Fedora QA community person

Are you interested in working for Red Hat? Got experience working in F/OSS communities - particularly the Fedora community? Do you have or can you convincingly fake some kind of understanding of or at least interest in QA, or at least QA as practiced by Fedora (which bears little resemblance to anything you can study in QA School, so don't worry if you don't have the qualifications)? Then you might be interested in applying for this job!

We're hiring a Fedora QA Community Co-ordinator, who will be helping us with maintaining and growing the Fedora QA community. This will involve getting involved in our processes and making sure they're community friendly, helping to organize and publicise community-focused events like Test Days, and lots of things along those lines. I did a lot of it when I first came on board - my official title is still QA Community Manager, though I've been doing more of a 'team lead' job lately - and I'd like to get back to doing more of it quite soon, but we'd also like to have another person to help with the load.

The job is officially based in Brno in the Czech Republic (where RH has a large, growing and by all accounts really cool, though I haven't been there yet, office) so ideally you should be based there or able to re-locate there, but for a really great candidate, working from another office or remotely may be possible - it'd be harder for us to organize, but we're willing to make the effort if we find a really great candidate.

RH is of course an equal opportunity employer!


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