Downtime alert(s)

So a couple of downtime alerts, one retroactive, one not :)

The site's been down for the last six hours - sorry about that, bad interaction between a wordpress update and php-apc apparently. It is back up again now. As you can tell.

Two, the site - in fact, all of, including mail to addresses there - will be down again for a few hours (approximately) starting in the next hour or two. I'm switching to one of my ISP's business plans, after I found out they're rather decently priced: this allows me to run the site within the AUP (which I've been technically breaching for the last X years...), bumps up my speeds a bit, and gives me a static, non-blacklisted IP address with port 25 open, so mail can go directly to my server and I don't have to use the no-ip mail reflector service any more (and I can deliver mail from directly instead of relaying it through my ISP's SMTP server to avoid the blacklists).

So things will be down while I switch over to the new IP address and update MX records and so forth. But then should come back STRONGER AND BETTER THAN EVER BEFORE...


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