Fedora 19 Graphics Test Week kicks off tomorrow!

Yup, it's that time again - one of the bigger weeks of the Test Day cycle, as Graphics Test Week lands once more.

Tomorrow, Tuesday 2013-04-23, is Intel graphics Test Day. Wednesday 2013-04-24 will be Nouveau Test Day. And Thursday 2013-04-25 will be Radeon Test Day.

As always, we'll be looking to test out the widest possible range of hardware and see how well it works with the very up-to-date graphics stacks in Fedora 19. As Fedora uses very recent builds of the relevant components and sends all its work upstream, contributing to these Test Days can help out all other distributions, not just Fedora - so please, even if you're not a Fedora user, consider coming and contributing your testing! We provide comprehensive instructions and live images for testing, so you won't need to replace your current distribution or do a permanent installation of Fedora at all if you don't want to. You can easily write a Fedora live image to a USB stick, so you don't even have to waste a DVD.

We always want to get as much data as we can in these events, so please, if you have a few minutes, help us out and perform the tests for your system(s). If you can't make the correct date for your hardware, no problems - you can file results early or late and we'll still be able to use them. It's also fine to come to the IRC channel on the 'wrong day' and ask questions - we'll have folks in the channel all week who will answer your questions if they can. The testing is very easy, and if you don't have time to run through all the test cases, partial results are still very useful - if all you have time to do is boot the live image and check whether the desktop appears on your system, even that is useful.

As always, the full instructions and live images are on the Wiki pages: Intel, Nouveau, Radeon. Fedora QA team members and graphics developers will be hanging out in the #fedora-test-day channel on Freenode IRC to help out with testing and debugging any problems you come across, so please come join us there if you're taking part! If you're not sure what IRC is or how to use it, we have instructions here, and you can also simply click here to join the channel through a Web front end - all you need to know is that IRC is a chat system.


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