Virtualization Test Days this week

After we signed off on Fedora 19 Beta (coming to a mirror near you tomorrow!) there's no rest: once again, we have two Test Days coming up this week. They are both virtualization related, too.

Tomorrow, 2013-05-28, is the main Virtualization Test Day, while Thursday 2013-05-30 is Spice Test Day.

We'll be testing the 'official' Fedora virtualization stack - qemu-kvm, libvirt, and virt-manager - to make sure it's working well for both host and guest duties in Fedora 19, and testing out some of the new features that have been added during the Fedora 19 development cycle, including the virtio random number generator, live migration of VMs without shared storage, and assignment of PCI devices from the host machine to the guest. Please come help us make sure the Fedora virtualization stack continues to be reliable and continues to improve!

As always, full testing instructions, live images etc are available on the Test Day pages. There will be QA folks on hand in #fedora-test-day on Freenode IRC for discussion and any help you need in testing or debugging. If you're not sure what IRC is or how to use it, we have instructions here, and you can also simply click here to join the chat through a Web front end.


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