FreeIPA two factor authentication Test Day right now and tomorrow! (2013-06-06 to 2013-06-07)

Sorry for the late notice, but it seems everyone forgot to send out announcements for this event, so I'm doing it now!

EDIT: npmccallum (one of the developers involved in this Test Day) is very keen to get some testing results, so he's asked if we can extend the Test Day into tomorrow, given the lack of advance notice. So that's what we're doing! If this sounded interesting but you just didn't have the time, never fear: just come along tomorrow instead and we'll still be there.

Right now, FreeIPA two factor authentication Test Day is going on. This is a pretty specialized event, but if you have a FreeIPA setup, you should probably be interested: didn't you hear that two factor authentication is what all the cool kids are doing these days? Yubikey, dude. Yubikey.

As always, there are full instructions on the Test Day page and there will be developers and QA folks in #fedora-test-day on Freenode IRC for discussion and any help you need in testing or debugging. If you're not sure what IRC is or how to use it, we have instructions here, and you can also simply click here to join the chat through a Web front end.


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