Adventures in tech support

So, my laptop screen got broken on the way back from Flock, and ever since then I have been dealing intermittently with Dell trying to get it fixed under either the warranty or the rather expensive support contract we purchased from them, to so far, very little result.

The system is now in a Dell repair depot somewhere. With an extremely obviously cracked screen. With an incident report that, as it's been told to me, clearly explains that the screen needs to be fixed and that this is a priority job. (And also should, finally, be fairly straight on understanding that this is the version of the system that comes preinstalled with Linux, which it only took them a week to grasp).

I'm sitting in front of my cell phone, here, on a Saturday morning. It just beeped to tell me I had new voicemail (the phone never rang; Sammy tells me this is a trick you can do by calling the voicemail centre...).

It's a message from the friendly people at the Dell repair depot, telling me to call them back between Monday and Friday, 8 to 5 (despite the fact there's clearly someone there making calls right now, and this is supposed to be a priority job), and tell them my "BIOS password" and my "Windows password".



eggplant wrote on 2013-09-29 13:33:
I firmly believe, "Service center" means a center which itself needs servicing, specially if it is about hardware, and in case of software that phrase means a gossip center (usually). :) I think you are residing at the heart of Dell territory, right!! Hmmm! you seem to be a diehard fan of Mandriva! (no offence please) :)
embolism wrote on 2013-09-30 09:43:
so much quicker to buy one on ebay and fit it yourself. :)
adamw wrote on 2013-09-30 11:04:
embolism: not so much for ultrabook type systems... "Skill level required to install this display is very high." says the ebay seller (who wants $200 for it).