Fedora 21 branch event today

Today, Fedora 21 branched from Rawhide, and Rawhide became what will ultimately be Fedora 22. (See Branched and Rawhide wiki pages for more details on this process). For folks currently running Rawhide, I wrote up a quick guide on what to do if you want to follow Fedora 21 (if you do nothing, you'll wind up following Rawhide / 22).

All official Fedora 21 pre-releases and candidate builds (TCs / RCs) will come configured for the Fedora 21 repositories, so if you've been waiting for Alpha TC1 or Alpha to jump on the Fedora 21 train, you've got nothing to worry about. I filed the Alpha TC1 compose request today, so hang onto your hats for the first ever Fedora.next compose, and help us test it when it comes along!

In readiness for Alpha TC1, I did rather a lot of work on the release validation process late last week and early this week; writing new release criteria and test cases, revising the results matrix pages, and overhauling and consolidating the release validation test plan which documents the process. I wrote a few mailing list posts explaining the work as I went along, so if you want to brush up, there you go! The release validation test plan should serve as a pretty comprehensive overview/introduction to the process as it now stands, if you just want to know how it's going to work rather than see how it changed from before.


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