I wrote a thing: relval / wikitcms 1.1, Fedora QA wiki test management tool

I think I might finally have to hand in my 'I don't code' card.

As I buried in another post last week, I wrote a thing - Relval (and wikitcms). relval is a tool for interacting with the Fedora wiki, as it is used by the Fedora QA team for managing test results. It's an interface to our test case management system...which is a wiki. :)

relval was originally written to make it easy to create the release validation testing result pages - you know, Current Installation Test and all the rest - which it still does (the Fedora 21 Beta TC2 and TC3 validation pages were created with relval). With 1.1, though, it grew two new capabilities, user-stats and testcase-stats.

These are re-implementations of (respectively) stats-wiki.py and testcase-stats, written by Kamil Paral and Josef Skladanka. They generate statistics about Fedora validation testing. user-stats generates the statistics about which users contributed results to a given set of pages, which are used in the "Heroes of Fedora testing" posts, like the Fedora 20 one on Mike's blog. testcase-stats generates statistics about test coverage - usually across an entire release series, like 20 or 21. See its current output for the last few Fedora releases. From the wiki pages, it's hard to know when a test that needs to be run for a release has not yet been done for any TC / RC, because you can only look at one at a time. testcase-stats makes it easier to see at a glance and in detail which tests have been run against which releases, so you can pick out tests that have been neglected and need to be run ASAP.

wikitcms is a Python library which does the actual work of interfacing with the wiki, using the mwclient Mediawiki API library. relval is backed by wikitcms.

If you want to play with relval, or use wikitcms for your own (nefarious?) purposes, you can easily get it from my repository. Grab wikitcms.repo and place it in /etc/yum.repos.d, then run yum install relval, and you should get relval and future updates for it. Please use --test if playing with compose - it operates against the staging wiki instead of the production one, for test purposes. The stats sub-commands only consume data from the wiki, they don't modify it, so they should be safe to play with (they do implement --test, just in case you want to generate test data for some tricky corner case or something).


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