DevConf 2016: Pungi 4 and the Fedora compose / validation cycle

Hi folks! Just a quick note for anyone who might be wondering - I'll be at DevConf 2016 in Brno next week. (I'll also be at the mostly-Red Hat-only-I-think QEcamp event before that). I'm expecting to spend most of the time running around like a chicken with its head cut off, trying to talk to people about the pending move to Pungi 4 for Fedora composes and the consequences / opportunities for release validation and so on. There will probably be quite a bit of change, hopefully for the better!

I'm sitting on a more detailed mailing list post, but wanted to run it by Dennis before sending it out, so stay tuned for that. In the mean time, I've been working on rewriting the openQA scheduler bits for Pungi 4 composes. I also have a document up on the Fedora Gobby instance with some fairly inside-baseball, rough notes, so if you kinda know what's going on, you might be able to contribute some thoughts to that - it's called pungi4-qa-integration.

If you're gonna be at DevConf and you'd like to talk to me about that or anything else at all, please do buttonhole me. I'm the one with the vaguely bemused grin who can never remember anyone's name.

As a quick follow-up on my previous post about 'N-1 upgrades' - FESCo approved support for such upgrades in principle, so we're now just finalizing the details of changes to the release criteria. For Fedora 24 and onwards, upgrading from the last-but-one release (so Fedora 22, in the F24 case) will be 'officially supported'! Exciting, right?


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