Fedora QA goings-on: Test Days, Fedora 24 Beta testing, LinuxFest NorthWest and more!

I'm on a train and I haven't been blogging enough lately, so I figured I'd write something up!

We've had a couple of great Test Days in the last couple of weeks: i18n Test Day and Live Media Writer Test Day. Thanks a lot to everyone who came out and tested - the attendance was awesome and we got a huge amount of valuable feedback from both events.

This train I'm on is heading to beautiful Bellingham, WA, where I'll be attending the awesome LinuxFest NorthWest, along with several other Fedora and RH folks. There'll be a Fedora booth as always, where I'll be hanging out some of the time, and I'm also giving a joint openQA presentation with openSUSE's Richard Brown, which should be really awesome. That's on Sunday afternoon at 3pm in CC-208, please do come along if you can!

Speaking of openQA, we got a big shiny new box to use for hosting openQA workers, so the production openQA instance now has 18 workers. Which means tests run much faster. Mmmmm, fast tests. We'll be doing interesting stuff with this extra capacity soon, I hope! Both production and staging are also now running a recent git snapshot of openQA, which tweaks a few things here and there and saves me maintaining >20 backported patches.

Fedora 24 has been moving along pretty well recently; we got a big stable push with a bunch of important fixes in it done today, so I'm hoping that in tomorrow's compose, 32-bit images will be working again and so will the Atomic installer image. There are also some useful anaconda fixes, so we should be able to get down to completing the Beta validation tests for tomorrow's nightly compose and finding any remaining lurking blockers.

I've also been keeping an eye on Rawhide and trying to get major bugs fixed lately; there've been some interesting ones like these, but I'm hoping we'll hit a clear patch soon...

We have several interesting automation projects ATM. On the openQA side, I'm working on initial desktop testing, while jsedlak is working on ARM testing and adding KDE and Server upgrade tests. On the taskotron side, there's some interesting work going on to add package ABI diffing using libabigail, where the Fedora QA team is working together with Sinny Kumari and Dodji Seketeli - some awesome collaboration going on there!

Fedora 24 Beta is coming up fast: the Go/No-Go meeting is next Thursday, so we'll be working hard this coming week to try and complete the Beta validation tests and shepherd fixes for the known and surely-yet-to-come blocker bugs. Interested in helping out with this or any of the other fun QA stuff going on? Come help us!


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