Fedora 25 Workstation Wayland-by-default Test Day report

Hi folks! As yesterday's Test Day was pretty popular and widely-covered, I thought I'd blog the report as well as emailing it out.

We had a great Test Day! 49 testers combined ran a total of 341 tests and filed or referenced 35 bugs. 9 of those have since been closed as duplicates, leaving 26 open reports:

  • #1299505 gnome-calculator prints "Currency LTL is not provided by IMF or ECB" in Financial mode
  • #1330034 [abrt] calibre: QObject::disconnect() : python2.7 killed by SIGSEGV
  • #1367846 Scrolling is way too fast in writer
  • #1376471 global menu can't be used for 15-30 seconds, startup notification stuck, missing item in alt+tab (on wayland)
  • #1379098 [Regression] Gnome-shell crashes on switching back from tty ([abrt] gnome-shell: wl_resource_post_event() : gnome-shell killed by SIGSEGV)
  • #1383471 [abrt] WARNING: CPU: 3 PID: 12176 at ./include/linux/swap.h:276 page_cache_tree_insert+0x1cc/0x1e0
  • #1384431 activities screen shows applications and search results at the same time
  • #1384440 dragging gnome dash application to a specific workplace doesn't open the application to this workspace (on wayland)
  • #1384489 Music not recognizing/importing files
  • #1384502 Recent tab not available
  • #1384537 Opening a new gnome-software window creates a new entry without a proper icon
  • #1384546 Removing application does not bring back the install icon immediately
  • #1384551 Printing directions using maps do not show the marked path
  • #1384560 Screenshot of gnome-maps does not show the map part at all
  • #1384569 Places dropdown search does not function if weather is open on secondary monitor
  • #1384570 gnome-initial-setup does not exit at the end
  • #1384572 Places dropdown search does not function if clocks is open on secondary monitor
  • #1384590 [abrt] gnome-photos: babl_get_name() : gnome-photos killed by SIGABRT
  • #1384596 gnome-boxes: starting fails without any feedback
  • #1384599 gnome-calculator currency conversion is hard to use
  • #1384616 thumbnail "border" seems misaligned in activities overview
  • #1384651 Selecting city should automatically be added on Clock Application
  • #1384665 [abrt] authconfig-gtk: gdk_window_enable_synchronized_configure() : python2.7 killed by SIGSEGV
  • #1384671 system-config-language does not work under Wayland
  • #1384675 system-config-users does not work under Wayland
  • #1384678 Missing top-left icon (and full application name) on Wayland

Some of these are not Wayland bugs, but it's not a bad thing that people found some non-Wayland bugs as well while testing! We did find several new Wayland issues, but on the positive side, no really big bugs that weren't already known and on the radar for the final release.

So the event looks like a success on all fronts: we found some new bugs to squish, but it also gives us a decent indication that the Workstation-on-Wayland experience is in a good enough condition for a first stable release. We also confirmed that the Workstation-on-X11 session is available as a fallback and that works properly, for anyone who can't use Wayland for any reason.

Many thanks to all the testers for their hard work!


Leslie Satenstein wrote on 2016-10-29 13:35:
Hi Adam, An anaconda quirk. I am in EST, Montreal. Anaconda assumes I am in Central time zone. Happens with DStime and non DST. Its not worth reporting as a bug.
Leslie Satenstein wrote on 2016-10-29 13:37:
Gparted does not run under Wayland. Gnome Tweak Tool can't show home, trash and mounted drives on the desktop
adamw wrote on 2016-10-31 19:52:

"Gparted does not run under Wayland."

Well, you're already CCed on the bugs for that...

"Gnome Tweak Tool can't show home, trash and mounted drives on the desktop…"

Desktop icons are not implemented with Wayland, and probably won't be.

fprates wrote on 2016-11-01 18:13:
switch windows of a focused vm instance doesn't work. instead, the host os windows are switched. i can do that for the guest on x11. is that now the default behavior?