Announcing the resultsdb-users mailing list

I've been floating an idea around recently to people who are currently using ResultsDB in some sense - either sending reports to it, or consuming reports from it - or plan to do so. The idea was to have a group where we can discuss (and hopefully co-ordinate) use of ResultsDB - a place to talk about result metadata conventions and so forth.

It seemed to get a bit of traction, so I've created a new mailing list: resultsdb-users. If you're interested, please do subscribe, through the web interface, or by sending a mail with 'subscribe' in the subject to this address.

If you're not familiar with ResultsDB - well, it's a generic storage engine for test results. It's more or less a database with a REST API and some very minimal rules for what constitutes a 'test result'. The only requirements really are some kind of test name plus a result, chosen from four options; results can include any other arbitrary key:value pairs you like, and a few have special meaning in the web UI, but that's about it. This is one of the reasons for the new list: because ResultsDB is so generic, if we want to make it easily and reliably possible to find related groups of results in any given ResultsDB, we need to come up with ways to ensure related results share common metadata values, and that's one of the things I expect we'll be talking about on the list.

It began life as Taskotron's result storage engine, but it's pretty independent, and you could certainly get value out of a ResultsDB instance without any of the other bits of Taskotron.

Right now ResultsDB is used in production in Fedora for storing results from Taskotron, openQA and Autocloud, and an instance is also used inside Red Hat for storing results from some RH test systems.

Please note: despite the list being a fedoraproject one, the intent is to co-ordinate with folks from CentOS, Red Hat and maybe even further afield as well; we're just using an fp.o list as it's a quick convenient way to get a nice mailman3/hyperkitty list without having to go set up a list server on or something.


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