Fedora 26 Alpha released, and blivet-gui Anaconda Test Day on Thursday (2016-04-06)

Hi again folks! Two bits of Fedora 26 news today. First off, Fedora 26 Alpha has been released! It got delayed by a couple of weeks due to rather a grab-bag of issues - mainly problems with FreeIPA and several kernel bugs - but the delays did at least mean we wound up with a really pretty solid build, according to our testing so far. Please do grab the Alpha, play around with it, and see how it works for you. Remember to read the Common Bugs page, though I'm still working on it at the moment.

Secondly, we have another Test Day coming up this Thursday, 2017-04-06! Anaconda blivet-gui Test Day will be a pretty big one. In Fedora 26, an additional partitioning interface is added to Anaconda (the Fedora installer). As well as anaconda's own custom partitioning interface, there is now a choice to run the blivet-gui partitioning tool from anaconda. This tool is built on the same backend as anaconda itself, but provides an alternative user interface. It's been available as a standalone tool since Fedora 21, but Fedora 26 is the first time it can be run from the installer to do install-time partitioning. The Test Day will be all about testing out this new feature and making sure it integrates properly with anaconda and works properly in various situations. Please do come along and help out if you have time!

The Test Day page contains all the instructions you need to run the tests and send along your results. As always, the event is in #fedora-test-day on Freenode IRC. If you don’t know how to use IRC, you can read these instructions, or just use WebIRC.


Leslie Satenstein wrote on 2017-04-17 13:20:
Good AM AW. I sha256sum all downloads from koji for the nightly builds. I test the Network install. With the nightly builds, I am doing my own testing, So far, I have reported about 3 issues. One appears to be some change with keyboard handling. I can't type a space character without using the shift key. It started with the nightly builds around April 10, Yes, a BZ was filed. Another issue is with Gnome Keyboard setup. Being a Montrealer, I standardize on using the International PC105 hardware and the French Layout. But the grandkids use the Canadian English Layout. (A few special characters are differently located. e.g @,#, ...), A change to the worse is the elimination of the ability to define the character set at login time. That option is present in F25, but not with the AlPHA and the nightly builds. I presume that the Green status indication on the NB screen means a clean compile and install. Does it imply that other testing is performed? I tested and reported against gcc7, and some other programs of interest. Aside from the awkwardness to type, F26 looks good. Anaconda had a bug which I reported with BZ. Its to do with reinstalling over an existing Fedora version. These problemS are not difficult to repair, but it needs attention before the next beta. I am posting here, because, I know that being prewarned is better than having the above feedback a few days before the scheduled Beta test.