LinuxFest Northwest report

EDIT: recording link added!

Hi folks!

This weekend was LinuxFest Northwest 2017, and as usual I was down in Bellingham to attend it. Had a good time, again as usual. Luckily I got to do my talk first thing and get it out of the way. Here's a recording, and here's the slide deck. It was a general talk on Fedora's past, present and future.

I saw several other good talks, including Bryan Lunduke's 'Lunduke Hour Live' featuring a great discussion with John Sullivan of the Free Software Foundation. I also saw the openSUSE 101 talk he did with James Mason - it was quite interesting to compare and contrast the openSUSE organization with Fedora's. Together with James and an Ubuntu developer, I formed a heckler's row at Kevin Burkeland's Linux 102 talk on choosing a distribution; it was actually a great talk that was pretty well though-through and had nice things to say about Fedora and openSUSE, so our heckling was sadly pre-empted.

I spent a few hours working on the booth too, but as usual the Jeffs Sandys and Fitzmaurice were the real booth heroes, so thanks once more to them.

The trivia event on Saturday night was pretty fun (and our team, The Unholy Alliance (of SUSE and Fedora folks) won with only minor cheating!). My now-traditional Sunday afternoon board gaming with Jakob Perry and co. was also fun (and I managed not to come last...)

Got to chat with Jesse Keating, Brian Lane, Laura Abbott (briefly - hope your voice is recovered by now!) and many other fine folks too. It was also really nice to hear from a whole bunch of different people that they tried out a recent Fedora release and really liked it - almost feels like we're doing something right!

If I promised you something at the conference and I don't get in touch by the end of this week, please do give me a poke and remind me, I probably forgot...


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