Activity log #13

(for yesterday)

Sub-edited and laid out the entire Mandriva Brasil interview article (three pages) for Inside

Posted Kiosk testing announcement to Club forums

Filed on omnibook kernel module missing from stock kernel

finally found someone who may be able to add a link to the new HCL on the old hardware page! allelulia, etc.

sent proposal on improving Club renewals to Pascal (renewals to take effect from end of current subscription period, not from the day the renewal is ordered)

Activity log #12

Edit Mandriva Brasil interview

Yet more Kiosk testing, and further discussion about the Community problem

install MNF2 in vmware to see if there's any way to make the upgrades process smoother, at walt's request - seems not, until romain gets Online fixed for it

discussions with Walt and Tarus Balog of OpenNMS about availability of various enterprise Java things on the Corporate Server platform

add note to Club download page about Cooker mirror list being out of date

file bug 21957 about omnibook module needed for some laptops from 2006 on

Activity log #11

Work with Warly to resolve problem with mirroring of updates

Work with Nic to resolve Club HTTPS certificate problem

Talk to Walt about corporate customers, Inside articles, update problems for MNF / Corporate Received interview responses for Inside from Mandriva Brasil guys, proofread and edited into interview format, will cut for length tomorrow

Further testing on Kiosk, some proposals to deal with the problem of 'community' releases and Kiosk

Activity log #10

For yesterday:

More Kiosk testing - barfs spectacularly on 2006 Xmas edition right now, must fix that

Publish newsletter #118 on Club


Team W L PCT GB New York 3 1 .750 - Atlanta 2 2 .500 1.0 Washington 1 2 .333 1.5 Florida 1 3 .250 2.0 Philadelphia 0 4 .000 3.0

OK, we're only 2% of the way through the season. But when you're a Mets fan, you take what you can get...

Activity log #9

Yet more Kiosk testing (still some bugs here and there...)

First draft of Kiosk section of Inside article on One / Kiosk:

Various correspondence (reporting signature errors on Club site, planning removal of mozilla-firefox-1.5 package from Club Software, further discussion on 2007 blocker bugs list)

Activity log #8

Translated Club article on new training course offer to English

Further Kiosk testing - Online wizard is not popping up any more, --auto-select is taking care of the missing package upgrades; much better

Follow up on various Club issues, talking with dbarth about a better 'release critical bugs' list for 2007

still playing with Inside drafts, italics are causing all manner of problems for some PDF readers...


I just found my ideal future vision in a Modest Mouse song:

"It's been agreed the whole world stinks so no-one's taking showers any more"



Had a satisfying day yesterday - finally beat my tennis nemesis (now the record's a mere 1-23...) and got the gold times for the first eight tests in the Gran Turismo 4 A license. Fun!

Today we saw Thank You For Smoking - excellent movie, very funny, though left some rather worrying ethical questions unanswered (and, indeed, unasked, I suppose intentionally).

Activity log #7


second draft of newsletter with added story on TUX Magazine distro roundup


third draft of newsletter with added story on newsforge SoS article

new drafts of Inside pages 2 & 3 following marketing dept. suggestions

further Kiosk testing: some improvements to KDE bundle

two PRs for proofreading, one full of hideous EU civil service verbiage, chopped it all out

new Club article on Mandriva the penguin