Had a satisfying day yesterday - finally beat my tennis nemesis (now the record's a mere 1-23...) and got the gold times for the first eight tests in the Gran Turismo 4 A license. Fun!

Today we saw Thank You For Smoking - excellent movie, very funny, though left some rather worrying ethical questions unanswered (and, indeed, unasked, I suppose intentionally).


jkeller wrote on 2006-04-04 21:52:
Congratulations on your tennis victory! I've been following your progress via your posts, glad to see Snoopy got the Red Baron. (Or is that too corny?) I hope you celebrated well. Nice activity logs, too. I hadn't thought of having others pick up Warly's format when I suggested employee blogs, just that people who could would write more. So thanks for this extra window into the company!
adamw wrote on 2006-04-04 22:16:
Thanks :). Warly's format seemed like a nice way to keep a log of everything I'm doing without it getting too wordy (and self-congratulatory :>) or taking too long to write, so I stole it. :)