Activity log #7


second draft of newsletter with added story on TUX Magazine distro roundup


third draft of newsletter with added story on newsforge SoS article

new drafts of Inside pages 2 & 3 following marketing dept. suggestions

further Kiosk testing: some improvements to KDE bundle

two PRs for proofreading, one full of hideous EU civil service verbiage, chopped it all out

new Club article on Mandriva the penguin


manuell wrote on 2006-04-04 09:09:
Hi, the draft for page 2 (the first one above) contains a grey on yellow text : "Mandriva one is a fully functionnal live CD based on the latest etc." which looks horrible, font hinting broken: some letters inverted, as in "fu lyl" (should be "fully") (adobe reader 7.0.7)
adamw wrote on 2006-04-04 17:42:
Thanks - yeah, I know about that one, it was reported on one of the mailing lists I'm sending drafts to. It's not meant to look like that, it's meant to be DejaVu / Bitstream Vera Sans italic. (If you load it in kpdf it'll look right). I'm trying to fix it today.