Today's "why?" moment: people who go to major, internationally televised sporting events and spend the entire night concentrating on filming it from several hundred feet away using a crappy Sony digital camcorder. Why? Who, in the entire world, is going to be remotely interesting in watching your footage, as opposed to the coverage on ESPN or Fox or whatever which is filmed by several dozen professional cameraman, sound recordists, editors etc, and can easily be videotaped by anyone with a brain? Why not just put the bloody Handycam away and watch?


Virkoff wrote on 2006-02-02 16:14:
Ja, you'r rigth.. it's so funny but is real. What's wrong with that people?? Regards.
bellish wrote on 2006-02-04 03:24:
Wow, I feel annoyed by people walking around temples and other tourists sights viewing it all through a camcorder, but at a sporting event it's even more ridiculous!